I just wanted to write a short thank you note for the wonderful experience I had during my week with Southern Illinois Trophy Bowhunting.  I did not harvest a buck, however I saw at least 4 bucks over 130” and one was the biggest buck I have ever seen.  I would love to come back and hunt during the rut, which would be unbelievable.  I really enjoyed my week of hunting and I will be hunting with you again in the future.  Tell Travis I enjoyed all of the food and he is a wonderful cook. Good Luck during the rest of the season. A+++

Martin Mallet


Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great experience. As you both know I personally hunted all over the USA and the deer hunt I just finished with you is the number one  & best hunt I have ever been on.You delivered everything that you promised from the lodging to the food (excellent job Travis) to the stands to the amount of deer sighting and everything else that is associated with the hunt everything was top notch. As I said before I am a quantity kind of hunter and I can not eat antlers so killing a bunch of does like I did if fine with me and a buck would have only been a bonus.Again guy's great job.

I truly hope to someday have the priviledge of hunting with both of you again and hope that you both will someday come hunt with me here in New Brunswick for bear or moose.


Mike Roy




 This is my 5th visit to Southern Illinois Trophy Bow Hunting. This hunt was by far the best because I finally harvested a Pope & Young Deer a dream of a lifetime. I had other opportunities on big bucks on previous hunts just couldn’t get it done. What I appreciate about Southern Illinois Trophy Bowhunting is that each hunter is given his area to hunt with approx 5 stand locations to hunt and plenty of acreage to move around. It is not unusual to see several shooter bucks per day and several Boone & Crocket Bucks throughout the 6 day hunt.

Mike Hasting knows deer hunting and knows where would be the best stand for that big buck, Mike is 100% professional.

Sincerely, Mel Fisher



I was looking for an Illinois Bow Hunt that would provide me with opportunity, food, bed and Big Bucks and I found it with Mike! I have seen some True Big Illinois Bucks on stand. Mike's place has never failed to provide a good relaxed Illinois bowhunt for me. I have taken many Illinois Whitetail over the last 9 Seasons with Mike and plan on going back again. If you are looking for a True Illinois Bowhunt you have found the place to go!

Dewayne Glover




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