Thank you for your interest in Southern Illinois Bow Hunting. All of our whitetail hunts take place in Hamilton County Illinois on over 2200 acres of private ground that we have been managing since 2005. All our hunts include all meals and lodging.  Deer stands are prehung before the season begins. We have over 80 stands to hunt from each year and all the stand are 20ft or higher with later sticks and big lockons. We also utilize some latter stands. Our hunting operation will run 15 to 20 hunters per year with no more than 6 hunters in camp per week. In fact, most weeks we have under 6 people execpt for the rut weeks in November--which will be 6 hunters. We carry only up to 8 gun hunters through all 3 seasons. We do this to ensure that our properties are under less pressure and to ensure the quality of game for your hunt. Here as Southern Illinois Bow Hunting we focus on the quality of the hunt not the quantity of hunters we take. Contact us today for exciting adventure! We look forward to serving you!



EMAIL: info@illinoisbowhunt.com

PHONE: 931-638-1360